Tcl and Apache HTTP webserver Integration

Apache Tcl is home to the Tcl-Apache integration efforts. The purpose of our project is to combine the power of the Apache web server with the capabilities of the mature, robust and flexible Tcl scripting language.

New to Tcl? Curious about its advantages? Have a look at Why Tcl?

Why Tcl

Flexible : Tcl lets you program in the way you want. For example, you can program in a style that fits your needs, either quick-and-dirty, mixing up HTML and Tcl script to create dynamic web pages fast, or, should you require more organization, for a larger, complex site, Tcl works very well with the 'three tier' model currently in vogue and used by many java systems.

Multi-Purpose : Tcl can be used for the web, but also for a variety of other tasks. It was designed as a general purpose "Tool Command Language", infact, to provide users with a language adept at performing a wide range of jobs, including system administration, rapid GUI creation with the Tk graphical toolkit, internet protocol glue, testing harnesses and so on... This means you can learn one language and use it for many things!

Wide Industry Use : Tcl has a liberal Open Source license (BSD) which has helped spread it within the industry, both as a stand-alone product, as well as embedded within applications as an extension language. It is used by such industry front-runners as Cisco, AOL, CNET, and many others.

Fast, Light : Tcl is fast, having undergone major improvements in the past years. System resources are also impacted lightly - Tcl takes up relatively small amounts of disk and memory space.

Easy : A simple syntax, and lots of documentation, both in print and on the web, make Tcl an easy language to learn, both for the experienced software professional as well as for students, web authors, hobbyists and others, who find that with a little bit of learning, they can accomplish a great deal.

Existing Code : There are thousands upon thousands of lines of existing code to be used, either as examples to be learned from, to be included directly in your code, or as extensions to perform a range of common tasks - image manipulation, email, XML, SOAP, HTTP, socket programming, etc...

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