Tcl and Apache HTTP webserver Integration

Apache Tcl is home to the Tcl-Apache integration efforts. The purpose of our project is to combine the power of the Apache web server with the capabilities of the mature, robust and flexible Tcl scripting language.

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About Apache Tcl

The Apache Tcl project was established as part of the Apache Software Foundation in July,2000 with the following mission:

... creation and maintenance of open-source software related to the TCL scripting language for distribution at no charge to the public.

All Apache projects are "managed using a collaborative, consensus-based process". Although we are a smaller group, and don't have as much procedural overhead, there are some good guidelines issued by the Apache Software Foundation that explains well how we consider ourselves a community and how you can become part of it.


Current Members of the Project Maintainership Committee - these are the people who are responsible for running and overseeing the project:

We would also like to thank the following for their time, help and or contributions:

Contributions for individual projects are credited on the pages associated with those projects.

Join Us!

The Apache Tcl group is interested in bringing new Tcl-related projects on board. What we are looking for is good code, and a good comunity around the software. Your project doesn't necessarily have to be related to the Apache web server! Please contact the PMC (see below) if you are interested in discussing a code donation.

And, of course, we are always looking for motivated and talented volunteers who are keen to help out with our existing projects. The best place to start is the mailing list for the project that interests you.

Mailing Lists

These are the mailing lists for the Apache Tcl projects. Please use them instead of contacting individuals directly so that your conversation will be archived, and others may benefit from your questions.

It is possible to subscribe to any of these lists by sending a message to: .

The Apache Tcl Project Management Committee (
  • The group responsible for running the project. Please do not write here unless you are really sure. Most likely, you should write to the general list instead, as it's open to all.
Developer list for Rivet (