Tcl and Apache HTTP webserver Integration

Apache Tcl is home to the Tcl-Apache integration efforts. The purpose of our project is to combine the power of the Apache web server with the capabilities of the mature, robust and flexible Tcl scripting language.

New to Tcl? Curious about its advantages? Have a look at Why Tcl?

The Tcl Language

Tcl (the "tool command language", pronounced "tickle") is an open source, cross-platform scripting language created by John K. Ousterhout at the University of California at Berkeley in 1988. Originally conceived as a reusable, embeddable language core for tools being developed by Dr. Ousterhout and his colleagues, it has come to be much more. It is widely used in applications including web scripting, test automation, network/system management, EDA and CAD, and in a variety of other fields.

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