Apache Rivet

Rivet's current stable release is 3.2.4

Apache Rivet is a powerful, flexible, consistent, fast, and robust solution to creating web applications:

Powerful : Apache Rivet puts the Tool Command Language in the hands of the programmer, allowing him or her to manipulate data easily and concisely. Millions of lines of Tcl code already exist - all you have to do is glue them together to create unique and useful applications. Rivet unites this power with the Apache web server.

Flexible : The original design constraints for Tcl required that it be flexible enough to be inserted and function in an extreme variety of environments. That's still true today, and makes Tcl, and as a consequence, Apache Rivet, easy to integrate into your business to leverage existing systems.

Consistent : The Tool Command Language is integrated with Apache Rivet in such a way as to provide you with an easy-to-learn interface that won't surprise you. Because of this, you can use the same, elegant programming language for your web applications, GUI's (with the Tk toolkit), and quick'n'dirty system administration tasks. Very simple!

Fast : A dedicated team of programmers works to make sure Apache Rivet locks in tightly with both Tcl and Apache, ensuring that you get as much performance as your hardware can handle. Where you need to squeeze out the last bit of speed, the Tool Command Language provides you with a high-quality C API which lets you write Tcl extensions in no time.

Robust : Created in the late 80's by U.C. Berkeley professor John Ousterhout, Tcl has stood the test of time, being used in such notable companies as IBM, Oracle, Cisco, AOL, and many, many others. There is a core group of maintainers who oversee the development and maintainance of the Tool Command Language, so that it continues to improve, yet maintains its rock-solid nature.

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