Tcl and Apache HTTP webserver Integration

Apache Tcl is an umbrella for Tcl-Apache integration efforts. These projects combine the power of the Apache web server with the capabilities of the mature, robust and flexible Tcl scripting language.

New to Tcl? Curious about its advantages? Have a look at Why Tcl?


Current Projects

We are currently developing and supporting Apache Rivet . Rivet was meant to be a replacement for mod_dtcl and neowebscript from which the best features were taken. Apache Rivet provides a content generator module (mod_rivet) which runs Tcl scripts and Rivet templates. Rivet templates work like PHP pages where code can be embedded within the HTML but using Tcl instead.

Apache Rivet extends the Tcl language with new commands aimed at providing a program interface to the web server and several utilities that usually come handy in web programming.

Rivet runs with Apache 2.2 and 2.4. Currently the prefork MPM is required to run Rivet 2.2.3 (currently official release). The development version supports also the worker MPM

Dismissed Projects

We sadly announce the we discontinued development and support also for Websh (Nov 6th 2015). If anyone willing to take up this project and bring it back to life within the Apache Tcl project please let us know

In recent years we also dismissed mod_tcl