load_response — load form variables into an array.


::rivet::load_response ?arrayName?


Load any form variables passed to this page into an array. If load_response is called without arguments the array response is created in the scope of the caller. If the variables var1,var2,var3... having values val1,val2,val3... are passed to the page, the resulting array will be a collection mapping var1,var2,var3... to their corresponding values. load_response was inspired by the same NeoWebScript procedure in the way it deals with multiple assignments: if a variable is assigned more than once the corresponding array element will be a list of the values for the variable. This can be useful in the case of forms with checkbox options that are given the same name. This condition is signalled by the presence of an auxiliary array variable.

Example: if a group of checkboxes are associated to the var1 variable then response(var1) will store the list of their values and the array will also have the extra variable response(__var1) which can be tested with the usual [info exists response(__var1)]

Calling load_response several times for the same array results in adding more values to the array at every call. When needed it is left to the caller to empty the array between two subsequent calls.