Resources - How to Get Help

Mailing Lists

The Rivet mailing list is the first place you should turn for help. If you haven't found the solution to your problem in the documentation or you have a question, idea, or comment about the Rivet code itself send email to . To subscribe to the list, post email to .

The mailing list archives are available at


The news:comp.lang.tcl newsgroup is a good place to ask about Tcl questions in general. Rivet developers also follow the newsgroup, but it's best to ask Rivet-specific questions on the Rivet list.

Web Sites

There are several web sites that cover Apache and Tcl extensively.

Bug Tracking System

Apache Rivet uses the Apache Bug Tracking system at Here, you can report problems, or check and see if existing issues are already known and being dealt with.


Occasionally, someone from the Rivet team is on IRC at, channel #tcl.

Editing Rivet Template Files

Rivet makes available code for two popular editors, emacs and vim to facilitate the editing of Rivet template files. The key concept is that the editor is aware of the <? and ?> tags and switches back and forth between Tcl and HTML modes as the cursor moves. These files, two-mode-mode.el and rvt.vim are available in the contrib/ directory.