cookie — get, set and delete cookies.


::rivet::cookie ?set? ?cookieName? ??cookiValue?? ?-days expireInDays? ?-hours expireInHours? ?-minutes expireInMinutes? ?-expires Wdy, DD-Mon-YYYY HH:MM:SS GMT? ?-path uriPathCookieAppliesTo? ?-secure 1/0? ?-HttpOnly 1/0?
::rivet::cookie ?get? ?cookieName?
::rivet::cookie ?delete? ?cookieName?
::rivet::cookie ?unset? ?cookieName?


cookie gets, sets, unsets or deletes a cookie. When you get a cookie, the command returns the value of the cookie, or an empty string if no cookie exists.

cookie delete will set the timeout value to -1 minutes - deleting the cookie in the browser.

cookie unset will remove the defined cookie in the server (perhaps preparatory to checking/resetting the cookie).

The command has a number of switches setting a cookie attributes