HtmlCalendar — Concrete class derived from XmlCalendar


HtmlCalendar calendar_name ?-option1 option_list? ?-option2 option_list? ?...?

Concrete XmlCalendar class for printing html calendar tables. The markup of the class is xhtml compliant and prints a code fragment for inclusion in a webpage. The following is the class definition.

::itcl::class HtmlCalendar {
    inherit XmlCalendar
    constructor {args} {XmlCalendar::constructor $args} {
    $this configure -container    table \
                    -header       thead \
                    -body         tbody \
                    -banner       tr    \
                    -banner_month {th colspan 3 style "text-align: right;"} \
                    -banner_year  {th colspan 4 style "text-align: left;"}  \
                    -weekdays     tr    \
                    -weekday_cell th    \
                    -days_row     tr    \
                    -days_cell    td 

A sample output from HtmlCalendar (with some styling)