headers — set and parse HTTP headers.


::rivet::headers (get | set | redirect | add | type | numeric)


The headers command is for setting and parsing HTTP headers.

::rivet::headers get ?headername? ?value?
Read arbitrary header names and values from output HTTP headers
::rivet::headers set ?headername? ?value?
Set arbitrary header names and values into output HTTP headers
::rivet::headers sent
Test internal status of the module and returns 1 if the HTTP headers have been already sent
::rivet::headers redirect ?uri?
Redirect from the current page to a new URI. Must be done in the first block of TCL code.
::rivet::headers add ?headername? ?value?
Add text to header headername.
::rivet::headers type ?content-type?
This command sets the Content-type header returned by the script, which is useful if you wish to send content other than HTML with Rivet - PNG or jpeg images, for example.
::rivet::headers numeric ?response code?
Set a numeric response code, such as 200, 404 or 500.