apache_table — access and manipulate Apache tables in the request structure.


::rivet::apache_table (get | set | exists | unset | names | array_get | clear)


The apache_table command is for accessing and manipulating Apache tables in the request structure.

The table name must be one of notes, headers_in, headers_out, err_headers_out, or subprocess_env.

::rivet::apache_table get ?tablename? ?key?
When given the name of an Apache table tablename and the name of a key tablename, returns the value of the key in the table, or an empty string.
::rivet::apache_table set ?tablename? ?key? ?value?
::rivet::apache_table set ?tablename? ?list?
Stores the value in the table tablename under the key key.
For the list form, list contains a list of zero or more pairs of key-value pairs to be set into the table tablename.
::rivet::apache_table exists ?tablename? ?key?
Returns 1 if the specified key, key, exists in table tablename, else 0.
::rivet::apache_table unset ?tablename? ?key?
Removes the key-value pair referenced by key from the table tablename.
::rivet::apache_table names ?tablename?
Returns a list of all of the keys present in the table tablename.
::rivet::apache_table array_get ?tablename?
Returns a list of key-value pairs from the table tablename.
::rivet::apache_table clear ?tablename?
Clears the contents of the specified table.