Inter-process/-system communication

Sends to and receives from sockets.


web::send channel cmdNr message ?flags?

Sends the command cmdNr and the message message to channel channelName using the flags flags. The command numbers are application specific. If #flags is used, flags is the numeric (integer) representation of the flags is to be set. If the # is omitted, flags is a list of symbolic flags. Currently, there is only one flag: multiple or noflush with the same meaning, indicating that there is more to follow and no automatic flush on the channel should be done.


web::recv channel cmdVarName msgVarName flagVarName

Receives a message from channelName. The other arguments are the names of the corresponding variables which will contain the message. The flags are returned numeric. (To handle these flags, use the web::msgflag function).


web::msgflag ?flags? ?testflags?

Sets or tests flags.

Returns a list of all known message flags.
web::msgflag flags
Returns the integer representation of the flags listed in flags.
web::msgflag flags testflags
Returns 1, if the flags in testflags are set in flags.