web::config key ?value?

If value is ommitted, the current value of key is returned. Note that unlike the set command web::config always returns the value for the given key before the new value is set. This allows to keep the old value and set it back later.

uploadfilesize ?size?
Sets or gets the maximum number of bytes that will be saved, when files are uploaded in a multipart form. Default: 0.
cmdparam ?name?
Sets or gets name of the command parameter in the URL used to dispatch to web::command using web::dispatch. Default: "cmd".
timeparam ?name?
Sets or gets name of the timestamp parameter in the URL. Default: "t".
cmdurltimestamp ?0|1?
Defines whether the timestamp should be included in URLs generated by web::cmdurl. Default: 1 (yes)
logsubst ?0|1?
Turns substitution of log messages on (1) or off (0). Default: 0 (off).
safelog ?0|1?
Makes web::log "safe" if set to 1 (i.e. it never throws an error even if corresponding I/O to file, channel or command etc. fails). Default: 1 (on).
putxmarkup ?brace|tag?
Sets or gets the markup characters for sections to be eval'd in web::putx and web::putxfile commands to either curly braces ({ ... }) or special tags (<? ... ?>). Default: "brace".
encryptchain ?list?
Sets or gets the list of commands that should be tried, in sequence, to encrypt a message. Default: "web::encryptd".
decryptchain ?list?
Sets or gets the list of commands that should be tried, in sequence, to decrypt a message. Default: "web::decryptd".
filepermissions ?permissions?
Sets or gets the file permissions of files that Websh creates. This affects the creation of log files, filecounters, session files, and temporary files created when files are uploaded in multipart forms (see web::formvar). Default: 0644.

The following special subcommand is used to reset all configuration options to their default values:

Resets all values to their defaults.

The following two subcommands are read-only and just return their predefined values:

Returns the version info string.
Returns a copyright message string.

The following subcommands are also read-only. They return the current request environment within mod_websh (and if applicable in CGI mode):

Returns the path to the currently requestes Websh script.
Returns the Apache ServerRoot configuration path.
Returns the Apache DocumentRoot configuration path.
Returns the interpclass the current request was mapped to (see web::interpmap command).

Example 1. web::config

% web::config decryptchain
% web::config filepermissions 0666
% web::config filepermissions
% web::config putxmarkup tag
% web::config reset
% web::config filepermissions
% web::config putxmarkup