Download Apache Rivet

Source Code

The latest stable Rivet release may be downloaded from one the links pointing to ASF mirror sites


Rivet is available for various flavours of SuSE thanks to Harald Oehlmann

Redhat and CentOS5

OpenSuse is distrubuting also Rivet packages for Redhat and CentOS5


Jeff Lawson prepared a .spec file for RPMforge that can be used to build an .rpm out of the source code. Installation instructions are available at Repoforge.

Debian and Ubuntu

Rivet was kindly sponsored by Sven Hoexter, Debian Developer. You can download it from from Debian as libapache2-mod-rivet (binary module and configuration) and libapache2-mod-rivet-doc (HTML manual).

Rivet was also automatically made available on for the Natty series of Ubuntu.


Peter Lai is maintaining a FreeBSD port available as www/mod_rivet

Development code on SVN

Apache Rivet is actively developed - you can always get the last code commited by the developers team.

svn co rivet

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